L.J. of Morelli Media has an expertise in still photography that is as exceptional as his videography. He works discreetly and unobtrusively, capturing beautiful candid moments along with traditional family portraits.

L.J. and his assistants have a keen eye for detail when photographing weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs — everything from joyful family photos to that gorgeous shot of the wedding dress to those once in a lifetime expressions of the bride and groom, all photographed with L.J.’s large inventory of professional Canon cameras and lenses.

The bride and groom or bar mitzvah boy/bat mitzvah girl can be photographed both in and outside the catering hall. For Long Island lovers, L.J. is happy to help create cherished photographic memories at one of Long Island’s beautiful beaches or parks.

L.J. also has years of experience photographing couples in the greatest city in the world — New York. The background of the city and the flawless images result in photographs everyone will cherish for a lifetime.

Beyond the portraits are the photographs taken during the ceremony. The photos taken at the church or synagogue are taken discreetly, with the skill and professionalism that L.J. puts into all of his work.

At the wedding reception, the fun of the cake tasting, the toast by the best man, the dance with “daddy’s little girl” or the candle lighting at the bar/bat mitzvah are all professionally captured. The dancing is also photographed with the same unobtrusive and meticulous attention to detail that goes into the formal portraits.

With his photographer’s eye and many years of experience, L.J. will help make your event memorable from start to finish.